Upcoming Events and Other News!

If you’ve been following me on Facebook or Instagram, you know about my excited “wearing my pajamas but can’t wait to share” post regarding my most recent upcoming event: WINCon, at the Winona Public Library!

A breakdown of info for that event:

When: Saturday, July 21 from 10-2

Where: Winona Public Library, 151 W 5th St, Winona, MN, United States 55987

Link to the WPL Page regarding the event: https://winona.lib.mn.us/adults/wincon/

For my other news…

Now that I’ve had the chance to do some events and talk to other authors, I have made the decision to change the pricing on my books as well.

Print copies are now $9.99 through Amazon, and e-books are now $3.99. However, at events I’ll be offering the print copies for an easy $10, tax included (and no S&H!).

I did not make this decision lightly, and took a few weeks to think on it before making the change. However, I want to make sure that the Phantasmic Wars books remain reasonably priced while also reflecting the amount of work which has gone into creating each book from start to finish. (I’m sure I’ll have the occasional sale when new books in the series are released as well, so keep an eye out for those.) 🙂

I have a few more potential events in the works, so I’ll post an update on those when I know more!

Until then,

El Holly

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