Phantasmic Wars

The Phantasmic Wars series, starting with The Book of Imagination, is about a middle-of-the-pack group of five kids who have to travel to the world of imagination and dreams (Phantasmagoria) to track down at least three pieces of reality, called artifacts, because if they don’t bring them back to the real world in time, both worlds will collapse.

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The Book of Imagination (Book 1 in the Phantasmic Wars series)

When something throws off the balance between this world and Phantasmagoria, the world of imagination and dreams, the enigmatic school librarian, Mr. Blackburn, gives Tom and his friends a book that is much more than what it seems.


The Quest for the Artifacts (Book 2 in the Phantasmic Wars series)
Tom, Katie, Chad, Melissa, and Sharice are stuck in their own imaginations. Two more artifacts still need to be found before they can come home. But things don’t always go as planned. In the real world, Mr. Blackburn is rallying forces to fight against Morgrim, who froze most of humanity for a still unknown purpose.


Book 3 in the Phantasmic Wars series, The Waking of the Nightmares

Tom, Katie, Chad, Sharice, and Melissa face increasing challenges locating artifacts in Phantasmagoria. Finding the third and final artifact is proving to be more difficult than they anticipated. In Cedarville, the Movers are succumbing to an unusual illness and must face the decision to leave their stronghold or to band together and fight.


Book 4 in the Phantasmic Wars series, The Hunt for the Five

For the first time since entering Phantasmagoria, Tom and his friends have separated. Can they collect the three artifacts in time before Phantasmagoria collapses or Gauen, the leader of the Nightmare Army, hunts them down? Back in Cedarville, Mr. Blackburn and Morgrim form a tenuous alliance.


Book 5 (the FINAL BOOK) in the Phantasmic Wars series, The Return to Phantasmagoria.

Though the kids have returned to Cedarville triumphant, three artifacts in hand, it isn’t enough. Everyone is still frozen, and the balance between Earth and Phantasmagoria is still rapidly deteriorating. Mr. Blackburn is the first to realize it will take more drastic measures to restore both worlds.