A Sweet Review!

Back in March I had the pleasure of giving my first author talk at a school. The day went fabulously, and I was so grateful for the opportunity.

Well, fast forward a few months to an email I received from the librarian at the school…one of the students had submitted a book report for The Book of Imagination!

With the student’s permission, I am sharing the report here. I have removed the student’s name for anonymity and also edited some parts for clarity.

Here’s the sweet review:

Title: Phantasmic Wars

Author: EL Holly

Genre: Fantasy because there are five friends who will be going to a fantasy world called Phantasmagoria.

Point of view: Third point of view because the author is using Him, her a lot.

Author’s purpose: EL Holly’s purpose of writing the story is to get people to use their imaginations* and follow along with the story. I know because when I was reading she described the fantasy world that the five friends went to.

(*Yes!! This kid gets it!)

Setting: Earth and Phantasmagoria

Main characters: Tom, Chad, Katie, Sharice, and Melissa

Character traits: Tom is short but he knows karate and is strong, Chad is a middle schooler* like Katie, Sharice and Melissa but he is shy, Sharice and Melissa are friends and they work well together.

(*Almost a middle schooler – they are all nearing the end of their 5th grade year)

Connections: My book is text to world because the kid in my book gets special books like others in reality due to their hobbies of reading or learning. It is text to self because two character had the same traits like me* and they both were bored with learning like me sometimes. 😀

(*Love that this reader connected with the characters!)

Summary: The book has five kids and one of the kid gets a book from his teacher named Mr.Blackburn, then they had to work together to save their world because Mr.Blackburn’s brother is half human and half Phantasmagorian* so they will go to a whole new world.They have to find at least 3 artifacts and their friend to go to the next world. Each world has 1 artifact.

(*And plotting to seemingly destroy both worlds)

Conflict and Solution: The conflict was that when they enter the world one of their friend was missing and they also didn’t know where the artifact was. Solution was that when they found their friend she knew where the artifact was so now they just need to wait till they get to the next world.

I chose this book because I know there are many people who like to read and use their imaginations while reading. Others might just want a interesting book well, this is a perfect book for you then.*

(*Interesting book, gets you to use your imagination…I swear I didn’t pay the kid to write this!) 😉

Anyway, thanks for reading! I thought this student’s review was pretty great. For those who have read the books – do you agree with the student’s assessment? 🙂

Until next time,

El Holly

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