Back at it…

Life happens, right? I had gone years without writing much at all when I first had my two kiddos. Even still, since I had gotten back into the habit over the last year, it felt strange going nearly a week without penning a page.

Granted, it wasn’t for lack of ideas. I had some nights that I would text myself an idea because I didn’t want to get up to grab my laptop (I’m also thinking I should maybe invest in a journal to go by my nightstand for moments like this!).

No, the last few weeks have been an all-consuming tide of grading and prepwork as one semester ends and another begins. (For those who might not know – I am an online high school English Language Arts teacher.) The days were long; filled with emails to and from students, finalizing grades from semester 1, frantically setting up my semester 2 classes…

And now, it’s Friday, and I am only 5 days away from my personal deadline for finishing the first draft of The Quest for the Artifacts…with 5 chapters to go.

Am I exhausted? Yes. Do I have a cup of coffee next to me at nearly nine at night? Yes. Am I working in my pajamas? Quite possibly.

But I am so excited…the end is in sight, and I just had to share…I’ve officially written over 200 pages for book 2! At this rate, it looks like book 2 will be just a bit longer than The Book of Imagination.

So, in celebration and joy, I am going to finish my coffee and keep on writing.


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