And the countdown begins…

It’s a self-imposed deadline, but one I plan on keeping…the release of Phantasmic Wars: The Quest for the Artifacts (book 2 in the Phantasmic Wars series) is set for March 2018 (a month and a half away from now!).

To say The Quest for the Artifacts has been a long time coming would be a bit of an understatement. I remember printing off the very first copy of The Book of Imagination on 8.5×11 paper, taking the time to punch holes in all the pages using a three-hole-punch, and carefully arranging it in three-ring binders for one of my sisters and some of my cousins to read.

That was more years ago than I care to admit.

When I finally got around to the idea of publishing it, I opened up the document somewhat nervously. What would I find? Would I like it, or would I be embarrassed at my previous attempt at storytelling?

Well, it needed a lot of editing and revising, but I LOVED it. Rereading it gave me the opportunity to immerse myself in the plot line and familiarize myself with characters I had nearly forgotten. The stretch of time had, in fact, proved useful. I came away from my editing/revising session bursting with ideas for the rest of the series.

And you know what?

It’s going to be a pretty action-packed, random, amusing series.

As I near completion on book 2, I find myself itching to start books 3 and 4…and considering ideas for potential prequels/other books in the universe. And from there, who knows?

I’m just glad I decided to start this journey, wherever it takes me.

Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere. - Albert Einstein

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