Newest Editorial Reviews for Finding Fae

Finding Fae cover

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Rating: 5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Review highlights:

“…immersive YA fantasy novel…”

“Told entirely from Eevee’s perspective, the narrative exhibits a lighthearted, conversational tone that is consistent throughout.”

“Despite the light tone of the prose, the novel deals with weighty topics, including identity issues, questions of adoption and identity, self-doubt, determination, courage, and perseverance.”

“…as Eevee begins to look into her real identity, the worldbuilding expands further with deceptions and dangerous fey conspiracies coming to fruition. Sure to please fans of the YA fantasy genre.”

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The Prairies Book Review

Review highlights:

Thrillingly full of intrigue, magic, and emotion…

“Eevee is an endearing heroine, imperfect yet amazingly resilient as she faces the difficult circumstances of her life with courage and strength.”

“The engrossing first-person narrative is enhanced by the atmospheric worldbuilding, a mix of magical benevolence of the fae realm and trenchant decorum of humans.”

YA fantasy fans will be delighted by this coming-of-age story about identity, friendship, and love.”


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