Recently I’ve been reflecting on growth. Growth as a writer, as a person, etc.

My current WIP (work in progress) is loosely based off an old manuscript. The difference between my writing style then (more than 10 years ago) and now is profound. During that time, I’ve lived more of life. I’ve written more poems and more books. I’ve become a mother. All of these things and more affect my writing.

It was my youngest kiddo’s birthday the other day.

20200520_195525 FB_IMG_1590004725999

The first picture is the cake I made for him. He’s obsessed with sea creatures.

The second picture came up in my memories from 3 years ago. It was what my cake decorating used to look like. The difference between the two pictures is staggering to me, and was a humble reminder that our first attempts at anything (like that old manuscript I’m salvaging for my current WIP) are not going to be perfect.

But those attempts are important. So are the ones after that, and the ones after that…

Practice is important. Perseverance is important. Oh, and having passion for the thing you’re working on is important, too.

So even if what you’re working on seems frustrating or you think it’s not worth it… trust the process and follow your passion. ❤

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