What are readers saying about the Phantasmic Wars series? Read below for snippets of reviews.

“charming, energetic, and suspenseful.”

“This is really the kind of book that can kickstart a child’s imagination and a lifelong love of reading. I would recommend “The Book of Imagination” to anyone with young children or pre-teens, as it encourages them to use and explore their own imaginations and to visit worlds beyond our own. It also has a good amount of humor and friendship throughout the journey.”

“I’m willing to bet each reader will see a bit of themselves in at least one of the characters.”

“it’s easy to get lost in the world of Phantasmagoria”

“Imaginative, descriptive, and so engaging.”

“I highly recommend this series for middle schoolers – just enough real peril to make them exciting, without any of the gore or mature themes in many young adult books.”

“The twists are delightful and unexpected.”